Weaning can be so time 🕘🕝🕟🕠consuming…..

Here’s some tops tips to make it easier on you:

  1. Have a weekly plan of food to offer or at least have a plan for the day ahead and prepare as much as you can in advance
  2. Batch cook and batch cook again…we make at least double of everything!
  3. Freeze
  4. Keep meals simple
  5. If appropriate offer bits of food that you are having (by age one your baby should be able to eat your meals, with no added salt or sugar)
  6. Invest in an easy to clean high chair and if necessary a floor mat. A chair that sits right at or attaches to your table is a winner
  7. Get some cover up bibs that can be easily washed (these are a life saver for protecting clothes)
  8. Have the wipes at the ready
  9. Make use of your microwave
  10. If you have a group of friends with babies the same age you could all batch cook a variety of recipes and then do a swap