Weaning Myths

Weaning can feel overwhelming due to the wealth of conflicting advice out there and added to this there are many common weaning myths. Here I take you through some of the most common ones debunking them along the way.


Foods and Drinks to AVOID during weaning (and in the first year of life)


Mummy & Me Meals

‘Mummy & Me Meals’ are meals eaten together with more or less the same thing.





more recipes coming soon…..

Fruit & Veg


How to increase your little ones fruit and veggie intake, recipe tips, the nutritional benefits of different fruits and vegetables and more…..Aim for 5-A-Day!

  1. Eat Red Apple Day 


A convenient, inexpensive and healthy alternative to animal protein. They are a great way to introduce your baby to protein and provide many other nutrients.


Healthy Christmas Snacks

Here are some healthy Christmas snack ideas. We had so much fun creating these and the little ones loved them!

Healthy Christmas Snacks 

Weaning time-saving tips

Weaning can be so time consuming…..
Here’s some tops tips to make it easier on you.

Weaning time-saving tips

Balanced Meals

What is a balanced meal for little ones?

Balanced Meals