What we believe

At Teeny Weaning we believe that good nutrition and healthy eating are important right from the start of life during pregnancy, weaning and beyond. Good nutrition and healthy eating during early life is critical to shaping eating habits and health later in life.

Our aim at Teeny Weaning is to help set babies and toddlers up for a lifetime of healthy eating and we do this by providing parents and carers with the know-how to teach their little one’s to learn to love healthy food.

What we do

At Teeny Weaning we provide professional food, nutrition and healthy eating advice for babies and toddlers, as well as pregnant ladies and new mums. All of Teeny Weaning’s services are provided by registered dietitians and nutritionists.

Teeny Weaning offers group workshops (weaning workshops and fussy eating workshops mainly), in addition to other services including tailored individual advice (1-2-1) face to face or via Skype, menu planning and support for early years settings. We are also experienced in writing for a variety of different audiences.

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